Welcome To The DUI Report

Welcome to the DUI Report! A blog by M. Reid Legal Solutions dedicated to providing you the most current and comprehensive analysis Of recent legal developments that may affect you and those you care about. We are dedicated to one goal: To provide the public with the highest possible level of education thereby affording was gem the greatest opportunity to making the most informed decision thereby helping them obtain optimum results in any situation. Through the legal insights blog, we will also be launching out various new projects where we will strive to maintain our cutting-edge concierge service and helping you navigate the treacherous waters of the criminal justice system.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, you probably have a lot of questions about what you are going through and how the legal process will unfold. Answering these questions, for the most part, the purpose of this Blog. Sometimes knowledge provides empowerment, other times it gives us peace of mind. If you have been arrested for a DUI, you could probably benefit from both. If by reading this blog and utilizing the resources contained herein, you feel more empowered to play an active role in fighting for your rights, and feel less anxious about a process you did not understand before, then this blog will have served its purpose.

The reality is that there are countless ways in which false arrests and convictions can and do happen. Because these scenarios are so rarely acknowledged or understood, this blog will also address several of what has become know as the “Guilt Myth” which is the stigma attached to even being accused of a DUI. Some of the segments will address in some detail the potential for “false positives” on breath results. In all likelihood you may read about the exact scenario that landed you in the back of a police car. While it is my intent to pack this blog with much useful information there are simply too many ways in which a person could be falsely accused or convicted of a DUI to explain them all and as such please understand that this blog cannot take the place of an experienced attorney with an in-depth knowledge of the ways in which false arrests and convictions occur in the DUI arena, and more importantly how to fight them.