Five Deadly Sins in Hiring a Lawyer: Did I screw Up? How Do I Get The Most From My Initial Consultation part 1?

In this and the next post we will discuss choosing the right lawyer to handle your DWI case.

What Is The Purpose Of The Initial Consultation?

The purpose of the initial consultation is to find out if you can work with the person you are thinking about hiring because make no mistake the lawyer you hire is your employee but you hire them to advise you. At M. Reid Legal Solutions, L.L.C. we offer a no-obligation initial case evaluation to anybody who is serious about hiring a private attorney to represent them in court. This is both your opportunity to evaluate us and our opportunity to evaluate you. There must be a fit between an attorney and you the client. This is a person you musttrust with everything. The good. And the bad.

You shouldn't have to pay a lawyer to find out whether you like them, or that she doesn't know what she is talking about. During this consultation, it is your opportunity to find out just how this lawyer is going to help you or are they simply going to serve as your escort to a plea agreement. However, the one question most lawyers don't and shouldn't answer is "what are my chances?" A good attorney will not promise you a specific result, because it is impossible to be certain how any case will turn out. Any other answer is dishonest and unethical.A good attorney can only promise to do his or her best job in defending you. Any lawyer who guarantees success rarely goes to court and will likely be escorting you to enter a plea and taking your money. At. M. Reid Legal Solutions, our philosophy is you can enter into a plea by yourself at any time why do it from the get-go. Let’s open the hood and look at things first before we make any drastic decisions.

100% of people who plead guilty to DUIare found guilty of DUI

What Should I Bring To The DUI Consultation?

The easy answer to this question is to bring everything that you have. If you have the police report, bring it. Bring all the documents you were given by the officers, jail staff, etc. Bring any documentation from any prior drunk driving cases you may have been involved in. Also, bring a copy of your driving record which you can obtain from your local DMV office. This information will better help us assess your particular case.

Finding the Best DUI Lawyer for Me:

The defense of drinking drivers is one of the most difficult tasks in the field of criminal law. Although there are more heinous crimes, few are more unpopular with the press, the public, the courts and the legislatures than drunk driving. Grassroots lobbying efforts have resulted in stiffer penalties, relaxed constitutional safeguards and attitude reformation in the legislatures and the judiciary. This has caused the drunk driving trial to evolve from a simple and commonplace task, often delegated to junior associates in a law firm or recent bar admittees, into an area principally suited to those well-versed and well-trained in the complexities of alcohol-related criminal litigation.

The complexity of these cases results from the array of physiological, biological, pharmacological and legal problems that arise. These problems require extensive legal skill, scientific and technical understanding and a healthy dose of human compassion. The odds have always been stacked against the attorney who chooses this vocation. Today, the ill-prepared, naive attorney faces insurmountable odds and likely commits professional malpractice. No longer will his client merely face a fine or perhaps a short license suspension if the case is mishandled; today’s convicted drunk driving defendant often ends up facing substantial fines, lengthy license suspensions, community service, assessment fees, public humiliation, and incarceration. It is also becoming increasingly common for the convicted drunk driver to face significant collateral consequences, such as the obvious increase in automobile insurance and the not so obvious impact on one’s employment and lifestyle.